Meet Arrival

Mark Website

Mark – Benny Andersson

Mark is the person responsible for the success of ARRIVAL, a total perfectionist who has been known to drive the others mad at times!

Mark has been playing the piano from the age of seven, passing all grades up to and including grade 8 with distinction, in addition playing the church organ also to grade 8.

Mark has performed worldwide with over 20 years in the music business, and has backed many big names along the way as a session musician. But not only an accomplished pianist and keyboard player Mark also has a fantastic singing voice too.

A very bouncy and energetic performer Mark really brings the show to life. A big admirer of Benny Mark says he feels very privileged to perform as his hero Benny!

Cherri Website

Sarah – Agnetha Faltskog

Sarah has been singing for as long as she can remember, although when performing in front of the mirror with a hair brush at an early age never dreamed she would be singing the songs of her idols for a living.

Sarah has sung and performed all over the world including London’s West End and is a very talented and extremely versatile singer.  A huge Abba fan herself since a very early age Sarah brings the part of Agnetha to light.

Arrivals “Girl with the golden hair”, listen out for her rendition of “The Winner takes it all”, Sarah sings this with the same emotion and passion as Agnetha would have in an original Abba Concert.

Sarah studied the part of Agnetha meticulously watching countless videos of Abba’s performances, so see for yourself the attention to detail Agnetha’s mannerisms, inflection and energy brought to life in every Arrival show..



Sara Website

Sara Jane – Anni-Frid Lyngstad

Sara Jane has an uncanny resemblance to the Norwegian quarter of Abba.

Not only very similar in looks, she also has the same vibrant personality on and off stage and loves to play up to the audience which she does in a very “Frida-esque” way.

Sara Jane is a very talented vocalist and dancer and has had many years experience singing  and dancing across the globe.

She has performed with many big names in the music industry over the years and during her career Sara Jane has performed in hundreds of prestigious venues throughout the UK including the Royal Albert Hall.

Also a Huge Abba fan Sara Jane brings the magic of Abba to every performance


Tony Website

Tony – Bjorn Ulvaeus

Tony is an exciting and very accomplished Guitarist.

He has been performing now for over 20 years and is also a very talented singer song writer and producer.

Performing Worldwide throughout his career, Tony has performed at such venues as The Royal Festival Hall, The 100 Club, Guilfest & Ricoh Arena to name a few.

His guitar influences include Marc Ribot, Johnny Marr, Larry Lalonde and of course all the usual Rock Gods…

Tony brings a very exciting and vibrant performance to every Arrival show and it is clear he has a great passion for the stage and a love of Abba’s music.

Kev Website

Kev – Bass Guitar

Kev is a natural born performer and has been a professional Bass player for over 28 years, playing and performing all genres of music.

Kev jumped at the chance to join Arrival, and years later is still performing with us across the globe.

His musicianship, extreme high energy and charisma bring a unique dimension to every Arrival show.

Known to us as ‘Bouncing Kev’ he is an important part of the Arrival Team.

Steve website

Steve – Drums & Percussion

Steve has been a pro drummer since 1973 and is a very experienced session musician too.

Steve has performed with Arrival for many years now worldwide and is an essential part of Arrival.


Tony – Sound Engineer

Tony has toured and performed himself with various Bands since he was fourteen years old.

But his heart had always been in Sound Engineering and so he studied and learned Music production and sound engineering. And then since 1995 he has been in charge of the Arrival sound.

When not on Tour with Arrival you will find Tony at the controls of his own Recording Studio.